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Making Nonprofit Fundraisers More Fun

The bakdrop team came together and decided we are going to begin an initiative to help nonprofits raise funds in a more effective and fun way. We sought out to prove that it is possible to raise funds and build community online. If there's one thing we at bakdrop are passionate about, it is helping make the world a better place for everyone and we want to build bakdrop on that passion. Here is what we're doing: 1) Design custom socks for nonprofits 2) Sell the socks on our crowdfunding platform. If you're unfamiliar with how our platform works, all of our campaigns are only available for purchase for a limited time and require a minimum order amount for them to go into effect. If we don't reach the minimum in the campaign's duration, everyone gets their money back and nothing happens. 3) Donating a large percentage (sometimes all) of our proceeds to the nonprofit we're raising funds for, minus our costs. The results: We have launched several insanely successful campaigns and donated thousands as a result of this initiative! I will mention two I find very interested. One example is a large nonprofit and the other is much smaller.

Campaign One (large fundraiser): French Bulldog socks where the proceeds benefit French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN).


FBRN posted our campaign on their Facebook Page and sold 170 pairs of socks in 48 hours!

- It was reshared over 100 times and received over 1,200 likes! People were going crazy in the comments over these socks. Someone even said: "we should replace all the socks we have now with these."


- We initially just shipped to the USA but had so much Canadian demand we opened up shipping to Canada.


Campaign two: Panda socks benefiting Pandas International Nonprofit


After Pandas International posted on their Facebook page we received a total of 52 orders! What makes this interesting is Pandas International has about 5,600 facebook likes, which is 5% of how many French Bulldog Rescue Network has (they have over 111K!), but this campaign still was successful and people loved it all over the internet.

We will be launching a lot more campaigns in the near future. If you want to get involved, send us an email!