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Self Love Super Power Crew Socks

$ 14.00
Self Love Super Power Crew Socks

Self Love Super Power Crew Socks

$ 14.00

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Purchase 2 pairs of socks and we will donate 1 pair to a child who has been taken out of his/her home. Our intention is that these self-love socks will give these tender hearts ‘super power’ so that no matter what they face, the can put the socks on and feel the power within to feel connected to love, and connected to themselves.

In honor of the international Self Love Day (February 13th), which for 10 years has sponsored gatherings and events in over 41 countries to bring awareness to self-love, The Path of Self Love School is offering these socks to give adults and children around the world the “super power” to through self-love, STAY STRONG:

S - Speak your truth + stay connected

T- Trust yourself 

R- Rest + Replenish

O- Own your power + play your part 

N - Nourish your heart & soul desires

G - Give & Receive

The mission of The Path of Self Love School, founded by Christine Arylo, is to through the teaching of self-love to all ages and backgrounds, create a world in which every child born, is born connected to love and has the practices and inner power to stay connected to love no matter what they face… keeping the thread of love alive.

The Path of Self Love in collaboration with Belos Cavalos experiential equine facility whose common mission is to provide healing to the hearts of children will donate 1 pair of socks for every 2 to the children they work in the Valley of the Moon in Northern California. 

 THANK YOU for helping us keep the thread of love alive.

 Learn more about The Path of Self Love at www.PathofSelfLove.org

Learn more about Belos Cavalos at www.BelosCavalos.org

These limited edition crew socks are only available for a limited time. Be sure to get a pair while you still can!

These premium socks are made with 200 needle machines with the finest fabrics: 75% Bamboo Rayon, 22% Nylon & 3% Elastane. Bamboo Rayon comes from Bamboo and feels softer than cotton. The socks are one size fits all, up to a size 12 Male U.S.

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A Revolutionary Way Of Making Socks

Bakdrop is setting a new standard for image quality by using Direct To Garment Digital Printing. This allows us to produce socks with high definition images, seamless designs, and which maintain their beauty when worn. Our process also enables us to use a variety of materials, such as bamboo and to make only the socks we need, reducing waste.

Bamb… oooh They’re Soft!

It all starts with Bamboo, a sustainable and fast growing plant, which is then transformed into Rayon and blended in with Nylon and Elastane. We bring it all together in premium 200-needle machines that knit durable, denser socks that feel and fit great. The toe and heel are hand linked then reinforced to make the inside of your socks completely seamless.
Bamb… oooh They’re Soft!