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Bakdrop is an artist designed, community powered sock and apparel brand.

Every design we sell has a story behind it: It is designed by an independent artist specially for online influencers (like musicians, instagram celebrities, and other creatives) or nonprofits (like animal rescues or cancer foundations) as a way to help them spread their message in a beautiful artistic way and make money off their passion.

We chose the name bakdrop (referring to “backdrop”) seeing it as helping set the scene for your passion. We look at every product we sell as a bakdrop for your passion. 

bakdrop was founded in 2014 by xGoogle employees who are passionate about self expression. We are based out of San Francisco and have a team of independent artists from all over the world.

Our Incredible Socks

These are no ordinary socks. We spent countless hours developing a pair of socks you won't want to take off or loose. Using the latest printing technology and finest fabrics, we developed a Rayon from Bamboo based sock that is so comfortable, we guarantee you will love it or your money back.  

Our premium socks are knitted with the finest fabrics using a 200 needle machine, which creates superfine socks. This allows the socks to fit better with incredible comfort.

After they are knitted, we use a brand new innovative technology to print the socks. Our socks are not dye sublimated, instead we print directly on the socks. As a result they stretch nicely without the printed image breaking or ugly lines forming and we don't need to use polyester, which only works with dye sublimation. 

Once the socks are printed and inspected, we then ship them out to our beloved bakdropers using only recycled paper packaging materials. We proudly do not use any plastics in our packaging. Even though it costs us more, we believe it is important to do what we can to make the world a better place.  You can learn more about bakdrop socks here!